Process of Getting Stamped Concrete: What to Expect
This is a basic rundown of the process of getting a stamped concrete patio
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1. Consultation:

Meet with a stamped concrete professional to measure your property and discuss your design preferences, color choices, and any specific features you want for your patio or project. Using cutting edge GPS technology we can accurately map and calculate the square footage to provide you with a quote.

2. Design Selection:

Choose from a variety of stamped concrete patterns, textures and colors to achieve the desired aesthetic for your patio. Our experts can help you pick the perfect combination to compliment your home or business.  

3. Site Preparation:

The contractor will prepare the site by removing any existing concrete, excavating the area, ensuring proper drainage, and compacting the soil if necessary. Plastic and expansion joint will be hung to protect all surfaces.  

4. Forms and Reinforcement:

Wooden or flexible forms are set up to define the shape and boundaries of the new concrete. Any steps or additional features will also be formed at this time. Gravel will be placed and compacted to create a permeable base layer. Reinforcement may be added for additional strength.

5. Concrete Pouring:

Fresh concrete is poured and leveled to create a smooth and even surface using a variety of finishing techniques. We use 3500psi concrete with fiber mesh additives to increase compressive strength to 6500psi+.  

6. Color Application:

Color hardeners are broadcast on the surface of fresh concrete and blended to achieve the desired hue and mimic the appearance of natural materials. These also help to create an abrasion resistant and freeze thaw stable surface with a compressive strength of 8,000 psi.

7. Stamping Process:

Once the concrete reaches the right consistency, a release agent is broadcast on the surface and the chosen stamping tools are applied to create the desired pattern and texture. The release agents will most likely not be the colors you chose but don’t fear, this gets washed off in the next step to reveal your chosen colors.

8. Detailing:

The forms are removed and joints are saw cut to control cracking. Borders and extra design elements may also be cut in at this time. The Surface and release agent are washed off and lightly etched with muriatic acid to open the pores of the concrete. Antiquing agents, stains, or additional colors may be applied to enhance the final product.

9. Curing Time:

The concrete needs time to cure properly. This can take several days to weeks depending on seasonal conditions during which the patio should be protected from heavy use and kept clean. The contractor may also ask you to hose down the new concrete periodically to ensure proper hydration of the new slab.

10. Sealing:

After the concrete is cured a sealer is applied to protect the surface, enhance colors, and increase durability. An anti slip agent is mixed into the sealer to ensure propper grip, even when the surface is wet. This may need to be reapplied periodically depending upon usage, foot traffic, and maintenance practices. Keeping the area clean and avoiding de-icing salts will improve the performance of your sealer.

11. Clean-Up:

The site is cleaned, and any residual materials are removed.

12. Maintenance Instructions:

We will provide guidelines on how to properly maintain and care for your stamped concrete patio to ensure its longevity and appearance.

13.Final Inspection:

Walk through the completed patio with us to ensure satisfaction and address any concerns you may have.


Once the stamped concrete patio is fully cured and sealed, you can start enjoying your new outdoor space. Thank you for choosing Aurora Custom Concrete to bring your vision to life!!

Note: Timelines and specific details can vary based on the size and complexity of the project, local climate conditions, unforeseen delays, and the contractor's schedule. Clear communication with the contractor and understanding the maintenance requirements will contribute to the long-term success of your stamped concrete patio. Contact us today if you have an questions regarding the process of getting new stamped concrete from Aurora Custom Concrete!

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