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Camp Calvary

This project features our most
popular stamp; heavy stone texture.
This is a seamless stamp meaning
the stamps can be overlapped and
rotated in any direction giving it a
very natural look. Because of this,
the stamp work is generally a much
faster and simpler process making
this our most affordable option.
This one has 2 different shades of
gray color hardener that were
broadcast and finished into the
surface and it was stamped with
a powder release agent that adds
more visual depth and an extra bit
of color variation.
This pad also features our large
flagstone style relief joints which
do an amazing job at preventing
surface cracking, as well as make
it extremely easy to repair!
If the pad does crack somewhere
during its long lifetime and not
inside the control joints, it can
easily be cut into a new joint,
creating a un-noticeable repair!
There is one tier step here that
creates an upper section and
the step is cantilevered, meaning
the tread edge extends past the
face of the step creating a space
to put stone veneer.
it also has a cut stone design on
the tread edge giving it a
prominent and traditional look.
There are recessed LEDs tucked
under this cantilevered step to
illuminate the awesome veneer
There is also a 6" border to really
frame the beauty of this job.
Borders never cost extra.
In fact,
we highly recommend them
because art needs a frame! 

  • Heavy Stone Texture
  • Platinum + Stone Color
  • Powder Release
  • Large Flagstone Cut Joints
  • Cantilevered Cut Stone Step
  • 6" Border
  • Recessed LED's

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